everything i write is for you.

for your amber eyes you swear are brown, for how they trap me like an insect struggling against the pull, frozen beyond saving grace. if years later they carve me away from you, i will still always be locked in your grip, your gaze- i will become the glittering imprint from the time a boy with liquid eyes and long lashes told me he loved me.

for your long-boned, graceful flesh lines curving like anatomical masterpieces around my body. you are sculpted from sun-warmed marble, perfect and lunar. every night you form contrasts to dark sheets and taped-up windows. every night you frame me flawlessly.

for your strong hands and tapered fingers that play me like a precision instrument, that grip my hips and magnetize to my skin. when you hold me, i am earthbound. i am burning up and exhilarated in the free-fall.

i will lose you one day. whether this ship sinks under the weight of furious bloodshed and the smell of gunpowder lingering on the decks, or decays slowly from bow to aft, there will come a night when i turn to face you and wake to no one there. the knowledge of loss swallows me even as we sit side-by-side and smile. it lights a fire in the deepest regions of my chest and keeps me writing every night.

one day i will sell the story of our nights spent sweating, my incisors at your neck and your hair in my eyes.

one day i will have to replace you with paper and ink.

i want you bad like a natural disaster by Mimihatesyou

One of the most beautiful pieces of writing I have ever read.