themusingsofaboy said: I swear to god. If you keep posting Breaking Bad spoilers, I'm going to have to kill you. For realsies.

Perhaps my best course…

Why Mortal Engines should have its own film series, or, Why I’m Not Letting This Go


For those of you who don’t know (let’s face it, unless you’re on the Mortal Engines Tag, not many), the Mortal Engines Quartet and its prequel series, Fever Crumb, are an award-winning YA (if they can be classified as YA) series by Philip Reeve, that first appeared way, way back in 2001. It heavily owes its setting to the steampunk genre, but is set in the far-flung future where the Earth has been mostly reduced to a desolate wasteland.

It also features moving cities that eat each other.

Now, you’ve either thought, THAT SOUNDS AMAZING, or calling bullshit.

I assure you, dear reader, that bullshit it ain’t.

So, reasons why it needs a film series:

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Regarding The Matter of the Last Four Months

So, I have finally sat down to write an update post for this Tumblr blog and sort of explain some of the reasons behind my greatly diminished Tumblr presence.

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Anonymous said: Just wanted to say I've missed seeing you on tumblr but I hope that means you're having a happy-good-non-internetty life. Have a good day!

Hi there!
I have indeed been having a super happy-life as of late, albeit a very busy one that has made it tricky to keep my Tumblr updated. I do really want to post something about the last four or so months soon though. Come off Anon and I’d love to talk more xD

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Divekick is the simplest game you’ll ever play.

Setting two opposing characters against one another with the same ability, there’s little to learn. There’s no direct control of left/right movement, one button jumps, the other performs the titular maneouvre (thus moving forward) or leaps you backwards if grounded. Each impact with an opposing player is an instant KO and the first to five wins the battle. Characters are different only in the angle and speed of their one attack and the size of their body. Five minutes in you’ll know everything.

Which is why Divekick is the most complex game you’ll ever play.